Our tiny tot’s classes are a great starter for your little ones. In these classes your child will experience a mixture of commercial Jazz and Hip-hop. They will not only learn some cool new moves, but they will learn basic technique and how to focus and concentrate.  The classes are integrated with skills, musicality and technique that will help your child in the outside word, as well gain respect. These classes are full of fun,  are educational and most of all they will get to meet new friends who will share the love and passion they have for dancing.   Students will be able to express themselves and put forward their ideas to create dances with the teachers in some activities.  We understand your child may be a little shy and uncomfortable leaving their parents side when starting something new.  Our teachers are fully trained to ensure your child feels comfortable and supported when starting with us . We are dedicated to ensuring your child gets the best of these classes  and with one on one interaction your child will be a confident and proud dancer.  We will form a supportive & trusting relationship with your child ensuring they feel valued and comfortable within our dance team.

Beginner - Juniors

Our beginner classes for Jazz and Hip hop are are great for students who are new to dance or have previously done other styles of dance but are new to Jazz or Hip Hop styles. These classes give students the foundations to understand the style and learn the techniques in a fun and friendly environment.


Intermediate - Teens

Our intermediate classes are for those students who have already mastered the basics and are ready to be challenged a little more. In these classes the students will build on the skills that they have already learnt in the other classes.


Perfect class for Mums ! If you are looking to escape your crazy busy life, meet new people, keep fit all whilst having fun then these are the classes for you! In our open/ Adult classes we explore Commercial Jazz and hip hop, with warm up being fitness based.  Challenge yourself and get the fun you deserve.  These classes will suit your needs and will help you reach your goal, whatever it may be.  The classes are designed and tailored to suit you and your needs. 

Development /Performance team

Our this team is selected by our staff and is for students who will further challenge and develop their skills in dancing. Student will be introduce to leadership concepts and advance dance training. This class is more than just dance, it involves theoretical lessons that will bring out the future leader in your child as well as focus on improving their dancing.

OUR Classes