Our classes are  designed to enhance our students confidence. 

 At Jeannie’s Dance Studio we specialise in hip-hop. This school isn’t your everyday dance school; our classes are tailored to the students' needs, they are a supportive, a great way to build confidence or just have fun and use some energy.  If you’re not into the costumes and competitive environment, then these are the classes for you! At Jeannie’s we believe every student deserves a supportive environment to learn and grow.   Each and every one of our teachers are passionate, caring and determined to help each student achieve their goals. We pride ourselves on providing a positive, happy and enjoyable experience. 

* In our classes we focus on positive mindset and goal setting* 

Our team have also done extra curricular work such as 

- Choreograph for secondary schools 

- Choreograph for competition teams 

- Exclusive primary & secondary workshops 

- private lesson & many more!